Won't soap in the insect repellant hurt the plants?

by Monica
(Norwich, CT)

Soap seems to be a main ingredient in a lot of the recipes but I heard it would actually hurt the plants? Is this true?

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Won't soap in the insect repellant hurt the plants?

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Jun 19, 2009
The Main Ingredient in Insect Repellent is Soap
by: Larry, Webmaster

It's true that the main ingredient in insect repellent is soap and I have also read that soap can be harmful to plants.

It's really a trade off between harsh chemicals and soap because soap can be be harmful to plants but it works making it a great organic or semi-organic ingredient in repellent or pesticide.

So does it hurt plants? If used too much or too heavily in one application then 'yes'. But if sprayed on a plant in weekly intervals it will not cause any noticeable damage to the plants.

I would suggest, however, that any application of a pesticide or repellent be applied while the base of the plant is covered with something so as to not introduce the pesticide into the hydroponics system.

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