Which are the best for Veggies & fruits

by carrolle

Which are the best Organic repellents for each of these.................Veggies
.................Fruits and vine fruits?

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Which are the best for Veggies & fruits

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Dec 11, 2010
Best Organic Pest Repellents
by: Larry

For repelling pests the best way is a spray of water, soap, hot pepper juice and chamomille tea. Actually all the recipes are effective but this is a favorite of mine.

If you wish to eradicate pests, the absolute best way and most expensive is the use of parasitic wasps or nematodes.

In your question you distinguish between pests for veggies as opposed to pests for fruits...

Even though there are species of pests specifically adapted to certain varieties of fruit or vegetable most belong to the same general families making all pest types sensitive to the same generic repellent recipes. And pretty much the same predatory bugs.

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