Where to find sand?

We are novice gardeners and excited about trying your system. We are creating the 75% sawdust/25% sand soil mixture. You state the sand has to be fine, so river bed sand is out. We can purchase sand at Lowe's. It is advertised as "clean" sand. Is it necessary to have "clean" sand? Do you have other suggestions of where to obtain fine sand?

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Where to find sand?

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Mar 25, 2009
Mittleider Growing Medium
by: Larry, Webmaster

You mention using a 75% sawdust and 25% sand mixture in a Mittleider grow box.

When I mentioned 'clean' sand I was really referring to sand without salt but if anything else is mixed in with it and is not toxic to the plants then that would be fine. So sand at Lowe's is perfect.

One concern though is that your mix may clump up because of the sawdust and not drain well. I would suggest this mixture for each grow box: 50 pounds sand and the rest to be half sawdust and half vermiculite.

My favorite mix, currently is 50 pounds sand, half perlite and half vermiculite for each grow box.

Hope this helps...

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