What do you know about ACI, A.D.,MG and others

by Jason Haynes
(P.O.S. Trinidad)

Hi am new to hydroponics and want to do it commercialy, and would like to know who makes the high quality hydro nitrient and the best price per lb or Lt.

I am not from the USA but reside in the caribbean Trinidad to be exact. Am interested in importing granular plant food at the best price possible. what brand will you recommend from an objective point of view.

ACI- ACI Hydroponics
AD - Advance Nutrients
MG - Monster Gardens

Any others that I may not have mentioned that you may be able to recommend will be greatly helpful to me

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What do you know about ACI, A.D.,MG and others

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Aug 08, 2012
Hydroponic nutrient
by: Larry

I cannot recommend one hydroponic nutrient over another because they basically differ in price only.

There may be slight nutrient changes for different plants at different stages of growth but overall, plant n utrient requirements are very close to one another.

This means that price hikes occur between brands due to brand names and advertising and not necessarily quality.

Personally I would stick with a generic, and cheap, hydroponic nutrient to save money.

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