Tomato Blight


Tomato blight is a rapidly spreading fungal infection which I recently experienced first-hand in my hydroponics garden. I was growing a patio tomato in an ebb and flow container system and, initially, the plant grew rapidly with lush foliage.

In fact my patio tomato plant, which reaches an average size of 2 feet (.75 meter), reached a height of 6 feet (2 meters).

But, the growing season here could be summed up in one word....rain. In fact we received more rain in July than in the past 100 years of recorded weather history. This, combined with a nationwide tomato blight in America, doomed my tomato plant.

tomato blight,tomato diseases

Here are some pictures of my diseased tomato plant. The blight, which is spurred along by damp conditions, took hold and darkened the stem of my plant, spreading to the leaves and finally to the small tomatoes.

I tried to clip all the diseased branches but the fungus still spread, eventually turning the plant into a soggy, rotten mess.

Shortly after these pictures were taken I destroyed this plant being careful not to throw it on my compost pile.

This fungal infection seemed to only affect tomatoes but can seemingly spread to peppers as well. Fortunately my pepper plants were still unaffected by this disease.

tomato blight,tomato diseases So what can be done to prevent or treat this disease?

From what I can find out....not too much.

I do know the fungal infection must be treated early before it really has a chance to take hold and it seems that only harsh chemicals are effective means of treatment.

I would love to hear some treatment options from some of you who have experienced this problem before.

tomato blight,tomato diseases

Maybe there are some organic treatment solutions for this disease? If anyone has any information, please share it with us on the Hydroponic FAQ and forum


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