Steinernema feltiae

by Jose
(Isabella, Puerto Rico)

I have a NFT system for sowing of lettuce and cilantrillo in horticubes. for control of fungus gnats use yellow traps and Mosquito Dunk and even so the plague persists. I wonder if for my system would have an effective and appropriate way to use Steinema feltiae. Thank you for the attention

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Steinernema feltiae

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Aug 24, 2010
Steinernema Feltiae
by: Larry

Mosquito Dunk works best when it sits in water for a while allowing the larvacide to accumulate in the water to kill fungus gnat larvae and Sticky Traps are very effective against the adult flies. This was a good choice; one method to get the larvae and the other method targeting the adults.

But, like many solutions, more is needed to eradicate the pest. The next method of fungus gnat control you mentioned, Steinernema Feltiae, would be the perfect solution in my opinion. These are vicious little nematodes adapted to warm climates which will travel short distances to parasitize the larvae.

This should take care of the problem.

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