Stabilizing in Ebb & Flo with medium

by Joan Foulkes
(Greeley Hill, CA, USA)

I am finally going to try Hydroponics! You mentioned that even with growing medium that plants (tomatoes, cukes etc.) should be supported. Do you have any suggestions, I will be most likely using the shallow storage containers for plants and the deep for solution. This is an outdoor system. Thanks for the great info.

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Stabilizing in Ebb & Flo with medium

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Jun 29, 2012
Plant supports
by: Larry

The issue of plant supports is much easier to deal with when using a dense growing medium such as pea stone although I have seen a large pepper plant fall over even when anchored in pea stone.

Stakes put in beside the plants are a good means of support but crawling vines such as cucumbers are a different matter.

When I grew them in my hydroponics garden I merely guided the vine along the table holding the garden. You have to be inventive and make do with what you have.

Large plants like tomatoes can be supported off a fence or greenhouse wall but the drag produced by just a few tomato plants can be up to a hundred pounds. Stakes work best in this instance.

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