Slug & snail killer

by Andy

1 part ammonia , 5/6 parts water. use a spay bottle, kills snails & slugs more or less instantly.

It is also good for the plants as ammonia contains nitrates.

Snails: ammonia is like very strong acid to them, it dissolves them and turns them into a yellow/green goo.

Slugs: depending on the size is how much you squirt them for. They can be quite tough to kill. But you know that you have done the job once there underbelly's turn a light brown and have turned black after a few hours.

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Slug & snail killer

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Jul 21, 2012
Ammonia as pest repellent
by: Larry

Using ammonia as a pest repellent would be effective because ammonia is a toxic chemical, not only to insects but also to humans. This would classify it as a pesticide.

It is true that 'anhydrous' ammonia is a good source of plant-usable nitrogen and is a component of many fertilizers but it is still toxic and dangerous to use. 'Anhydrous' means 'without water' so skin contact will result in severe chemical burns.

I am not really sure if this is even the type of ammonia that you find in bottles in the store. I do know that ammonia becomes more toxic when added to plants as the temperature and pH rise.

Interestingly, a type of ammonia is added to many public water supplies to stabilize chlorine changing 'chlorine' into 'chloramine' and the ammonia prevents chlorine from evaporating (or at least evaporating as quickly).

To sum up I am sure it is effective against bugs but I am not sure I would personally add it to my plants. But this is true of any element, organic or processed chemical when used in quantity.

Use it sparingly.

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