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'Seeds for sale' means you want to go commercial. You will produce seeds for major seed companies ensuring viability and pure strains (no cross-breeding).

Actually there are several levels of seed saving commitment to choose from. You may wish to produce seeds of a specific variety only for yourself or you may want to improve on a specific variety by adapting it to your specific growing conditions. seeds for sale,growing herbs

And maybe growing seed is what you wish to do full time.

You will produce a rare and endangered seed to sell to seed companies. You will be responsible for the cleanliness, genetic purity and constant supply of a particular strain. This requires time, land space, commitment and education.

To begin selling to seed companies you need to contact them and get a contract. They may require a sample to test germination rate and viability meaning you may need to begin this process a couple years ahead of time. Once a company is satisfied they will sign a contract and buy your seed.

When you do sell it will be at wholesale price. You would make more directly selling your vegetables but that would require a lot more work - seeds are mailable and easy to deal with. The choice is yours.

Maybe 'seeds for sale' means direct marketing. Instead of selling at wholesale to a seed company you may wish to sell directly to buyers at retail prices. Income will be dramatically increased but don't forget the costs of marketing, packaging, mailing and so on, not to mention the responsibility of cleanliness and genetic purity...

Sound too good to be true? Maybe...surveys among seed sellers cite the main blockage to profit being the time involved and the land needed. Consider this carefully.

Maybe you will create a new variety adapted to specific conditions; if so, you can license your strain through the Plant Variety Protection Act for 20 years meaning that you receive royalties on seeds of your variety sold through large seed companies.

The possibilities here are endless...


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