Want better seed germination?


Everyone wants better seed germination. Suppose you have saved your seeds from a prior year or you have some older 'store bought' seeds. Many times when planting such seeds only 60% may sprout. seed germination,planting seed

Most people seem to plant and wait to see if the seed germinates. There is a more efficient way to go about this. Seed viability can be pretty much accurately determined before planting.

Think of a seed as a small factory just waiting for someone to flip the 'on' switch and start production. They are small airtight and sunlight proof capsules waiting for heat and dampness to trigger them into production causing a germination. But seeds are normally designed to drop and germinate or to drop and go dormant for the winter then germinate; they are not designed to be stored away for a number of years before planting.

But this is what a lot of us, including me, do.

Older seeds may develop a cracked seed casing allowing air to penetrate the seed casing compromising the integrity of the 'seed factory'. Dampness would soon follow along with bacteria causing the seed to rot.

So a foolproof way to check a seed for viability is to determine whether the seed casing is compromised. This can be done by dumping the seeds you wish to plant into a glass of water.

The seeds that float are bad because air has penetrated the seed casing while the ones that sink are viable.

This is simple and extremely effective as a viability test. Using this method will give you a much greater rate of germinated seedlings. Try it out but remember that water can trigger a seed to germinate so just immerse in water the seeds you are going to plant.


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