Seaweed Extract with Hydroponics

Concerning the hydroponic nutrients, I wonder if "seaweed extract" can be used in hydroponic systems. If applicable, what precautions should be taken?

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Seaweed Extract with Hydroponics

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Jul 21, 2009
Seaweed extract-darn good so far!
by: Digidoc

I have been using Seaweed Extract in my small hydroponics systems and so far the plants seem to be loving it. As posted earlier, the extract has basically all a plant needs (except some suggest adding a touch of magnesium sulfate to the system) and it is often a cheaper, single solution than all the mega products commonly advertised. I am not sure for large systems, but for my little hobby growth lettuce and greens it works great!

Jan 13, 2009
Seaweed is loaded with nutrients
by: Anonymous

Seaweed extract contains large amounts of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and trace elements...everything a growing plant needs. It is a key element in an organic nutrient mixture containing blood meal and fish emulsion so if you wish to 'go organic', by all means, use it.

Larry, Webmaster

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