Question for using FloraKleen

by CV

I read you bi-monthly maintenance information and want to thank you for it. It has given me a good idea on what to do for my hydro top drip system.

The question I have is when using FloraKleen to flush the system every four reservoir changes. If you allow the FK to run through the system to irrigate the plants for the duration of one day, would you do that on the day before you are going to change the reservoir anyway? I would not think you would change everything out, then add a cleaner, then clean it out all over again.

Also, would you only use a cleaner like FloraKleen through the entire growing and blooming process, or only once every four weeks, or only one week before harvest?

Any help you can give on exactly how to use FloraKleen or some other cleaner would be much appreciated!

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Question for using FloraKleen

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Jul 08, 2012
by: Larry

You are welcome. Florakeen and other brands advertising to clear mineral salts may work but you do not need them in my opinion.

And when you see glucose or sucrose as an ingredient a 'red flag' is raised. People have been using sugar-based substances like these for centuries to keep cut flowers fresher longer.

The sugar provides an artificial boost to your plant but has no nutritive value.

Stick with water to flush your plants.

Jul 08, 2012
Follow Up Question
by: CV

Thank you very much. I have been told the same thing, that water alone is as good as it gets, so although I am not opposed to using only water, I assumed some water treatment solutions just may have some benefit, and wanted to understand how and why they may have benefit.

The brand Clearex has Glucose and Surcose in it, and perhaps you know what benefit, if any those two ingredients have on plants in general.

When I have used it as directed, which is to run it through the system for about an hour right after emptying the reservoir and before adding new nutrients, the plant didn't seem to have any adverse effects, not sure it had good effects either.

Jun 28, 2012
by: Larry

Florakleen is used to dissolve accumulated mineral salts in your system in the growing medium mostly.

Accumulated mineral salts will, over time, become toxic to your plants.

If you are using this product use just before you change reservoir water and I suppose you could use it just before harvesting although I do not see much benefit.

My preference is to stay away from introducing chemicals into your hydroponics system.

When I flush my system to get rid of accumulated salts I use plain water and a lot of it - after all, water is a powerful solvent.

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