The Baby Facts about Organic Hydroponics


Baby facts? Yes.

Organic Hydroponics has been 'played' with for a number of decades but has never really been researched so as a growing technique it is still in it's infancy.

organic hydroponics

The earliest experiment I have found was the Montreal Project where raised bed organic garden growboxes were built on rooftops of the inner city in Montreal and tomato plants were grown with some success using the Mittleider method.

Various experiments followed in Japan, I believe, and in India with little success. So, as of yet, there is no defined process in implementing organic growing methods and there are no means of measuring what nutrients and how much are in organic fertilizers.

When I speak of 'organic' in terms of gardening I'm referring to general organic guidelines implemented by several countries.

'Organic' means a natural substance, unaltered chemically and this applies to organic hydroponic fertilizers as well as to pesticides. A naturally occuring substance to use as fertilizer can be a pile of manure or compost which is placed in a net sack and steeped in water for sprinkling on your plants.

Different amounts of compost, for instance, will have different amounts of how is a standard process to be defined?

Once 'Organic' is defined and large companies start manufacturing organic fertilizer, does that artificial process render the fertilizer inorganic or do we merely tweak the definition of 'organic' to make it fit mass produced natural substances?

Changing the definition is the most likely possibility. So a real definition of the term is still pretty far away let alone a definition of organic as applied to hydroponics.

In the meantime, since I am not too concerned with definitions, I'll stick to actual gardening...


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