Beneficial Nematodes, or roundworms, are efficient and deadly. They are microscopic worms that enter a host body through natural orifices and once inside, inject a bacteria into the host.

Steinernema Feltiae Within 48 hours this bacteria kills the host through the equivalent of blood poisoning and also converts the host tissue into nutrition for the nematodes.

They will eat the dead host and multiply until the host tissue is dissolved then they will start searching for a new host.

These roundworms are perfect for organisms with a stage of growth that is in the ground. They will spread out and depending on the species, will either stay stationary and attack or they will move through the soil and attack.

Types of Nematodes

There are 3 varieties of nematodes sold for garden pest control:

  • Steinernema Feltiae - For warmer climates, they travel through the ground to attack a host,
  • Steinernema Carpocapsae - For colder climates, they also travel through the ground to attack a host,
  • Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora - Adapted for all climates and temperatures, these are stationary attackers.
They are also versatile hunters. They will feed upon a wide range of hosts from weevils, midges and fleas to borers, beetles and moths.

They are shipped overnight or 2nd day in a small clay or other water soluable container. They work best when applied at a rate of 3500 nematodes per square foot.

When received they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 months until use in a shallow pan covered by 1/2 inch of water.

For application they are mixed with water and sprayed on the garden areas where they are needed. Results will be seen as soon as 3 days from application.

When their host pests are all gone they will move on but will not really ever move very far due to their microscopic size. And they will survive a winter but with a seriously reduced population.

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