My Promise

I started in 2006 and, since then, it has gone through several major changes in format as well as content. My main purpose with this site is to pass along enough free information to get you started with a new hobby - hydroponics.

Now that I have the opportunity to sell some select products I thought that opening an online store might be an added bonus for those thousands of people drawn to my site each month. As you read the pages of this site you can get a glimpse of my personality which I see as honest and forthcoming and I hope that it what I portray.

I have built a good reputation that I religiously maintain. I know that buying online can be risky business; you hand over your money, you never hear anything and you are almost surprised when what you bought finally shows up on your doorstep. There are dishonest people everywhere it seems.

My promise to you is to deal ethically and honestly with you, my customer. I value communication and will keep you informed and offer solutions to problems. When you submit a payment I take that seriously and I promise to get the item shipped out as fast as possible - usually the next business day.

I do not expect you to take me at my word but I hope you will not hesitate purchasing something from my store. For any questions or comments please contact me.

Serving the public since 2006!

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