LED lighting, a new type of garden grow light


LED lighting is finally available...Let's face it - indoor grow light systems for hydroponics are bulky, expensive and use a lot of energy. Plants grow and flower only under certain light frequencies yet current light systems supply some of these frequencies while emitting light in unnecessary frequencies wasting power. led lighting,led lights

What we need is a new generation of grow lights, namely LED systems.

LED's, or light emitting diodes, are found in many if not all of our appliances. They are cheap to power and can emit light in all kinds of frequencies. We need a portable LED grow light system that is affordable and energy efficient.

Well, mostly energy efficient anyway. I have seen LED panels for sale that seem to require almost as much power as an HID and seem very expensive - could light intensity be reliant on the amount of input power? Maybe, but the good part of these systems is that seem to be modular.

Such devices have already been patented and have just come on the market; but are really still in the 'testing' phase.

In fact, the United States government is currently experimenting with this kind of light system in the hydroponics garden on the ISS (International Space Station), and with promising results.

Hopefully the science of LED plant lighting will be fully developed soon and marketed to us. It would be only one of the many household items we now have that were developed as a direct result of space research such as teflon and velcro.

Another huge advantage of LED plant lighting is that they can be built by the homebuilder with a soldering iron, solder, LEDS, resistors and a panel. Such construction is my abilities but I have seen plans for them. I would urge you to search them out and build one.

Just imagine, grow lights capable of operating on battery power alone and capable of emitting the entire frequency needed for plant growth and flowering... I, for one, can't wait!


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