Leaves are wilting & growth is slow

by Jeff
(Des Moines, IA)

Hi, I'm new to hydroponics and had a question. I'm using a flood & drain system watering once a day for 30min, I'm also using "Sure to Grow" as my medium. I'm finding that the bottom of the pots where the 4-drain holes are turning green with what looks like mold. I've flushed the system cleaned the reservoir & replaced the formula, I'm using Botanicare products & my ppm are around 1300 I'm in week-4.5 or so.

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Leaves are wilting & growth is slow

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Jul 21, 2012
Wilting leaves
by: Larry

Wilting leaves and slow growth can result from a variety of things.

If leaves are still green and healthy looking with no spots or dried out tips then I would suspect you need to water more often.

Watering once a day for 30 minutes does not seem like enough to me; I generally water 15 to 20 minutes every couple hours in my ebb/flow systems.

I have never used a ppm meter so do not know how to read one but you obviously have nutrients in your water but is it too much?

Too much fertilizing nutrient can be toxic to plants but you will generally see leaves turn colors if this is the case.

So if leaves are not lush green check the nutrient amount you put in; too little or too much is not a good thing.

Check pH and adjust it to neutral if need be and water more often.

As for the green growth, I would suspect algae which is harmless to your plants - it is just unsightly.

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