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***z-google-468x60-banner.html*** Hydroponics Nutrients are a blend of all the essential minerals needed to sustain a plant. This is an essential piece of any hydroponics system and can easily be ordered online through several different hydroponics supply sites.

In fact the sheer diversity and amount of online hydroponic equipment for sale is staggering. Click here to see the nutrients found in a typical hydroponics fertilizer.

Without hydroponics nutrients a homemade system would just not work. And for those of you who might want to use regular fertilizer you may have on hand or even 'Miracle Gro', my advice is 'don't'... at least not right off.

When building a hydroponics system get it to function properly and smoothly first - enjoy some success with it... then start to experiment. Click here to see a comparison of nutrients found in a typical hydroponics mix with those in 'Miracle Gro' and other commercial fertilizers. Comparison of different fertilizers

I personally use a generic (meaning 'good for all vegetables') powdered nutrient from 'EcoGrow' based in Seattle specifically formulated for hydroponics systems. It is rather expensive but at 1 teaspoon a gallon of water, my supply will last for years. I would suggest this to be the way to start. This is the label of my nutrient powder. hydroponics nutrient

Although as with anything, you can make this as complex as you want. There are hydroponics nutrients specifically for tomatoes or flowers or what have you and you can even order each mineral separately and mix your own.

My advice? Start with and stick with the 'generic coverage' type of nutrient. Click here to see what specific nutrients do. Nutrients, what do they do?

And just in case you wish to 'mix your own', click on this link for a recipe I found in 'Hydroponics, Soiless Gardening ' by Richard Nicholls (complete reference can be found on the bottom of the home page). Mix your own nutrients recipe

OK, let's do a hypothetical situation: you have picked or mixed your particular blend of hydroponic nutrients, you have a fully functioning growing system and you have just 'introduced' this new mix to your plants. Three days later your lower leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Now what? Check the symptoms of nutrient deficiency first and foremost... so, here is a link showing the plant symptoms for specific deficiencies of each nutrient Plant symptoms of nutrient deficiencies

If you've checked out the previous link you can see that plants will 'speak' to you in various ways when they become deficient in a certain nutrient. And the best way to fix this problem is to completely change the nutrient solution with new and carefully measured hydroponics nutrient. Do not add more than called for either - too much nutrient will be toxic to your plants.

Lastly, we have all read about the fierce debate between organic vs inorganic foods with organic considered as more 'healthy' because artificial ingredients will introduce more harmful chemicals into the environment than unartificial or organic ingredients do. The same applies to plant fertilizers. Click here to find a short discussion and recipes for Organic Fertilizers

Although I have mentioned this a few times in this site, I cannot stress the importance of the three main ingredients of an organic fertilizer: seaweed, fish emulsion and blood meal. These three ingredients will make a complete organic fertilizer.

If you are organically inclined, Green Footsteps, is about easy green living; bringing you environmentally sound ideas and tips. This site is loaded with simple ideas and projects to try at home which should save you money and help you and your family to become healthier and greener too. Definitely worth checking out!

If you are concerned about Global Warming and saving what is left of our environment, Carbon Footprint, will explain how you can reduce your carbon-footprint to make your life more eco-friendly. Everything from cleaning supplies to gardening is covered.

Organic food for everyone will provide you with all you need to know about organic food, including the benefits of organic food, and how to buy, cook and eat organic food, and growing organic food in your own garden or patio.

Good luck!

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