More Hydroponics Information, What does each nutrient do?


Sources containing hydroponics information on plant nutrition and plant biology will cite each specific nutrient and explain, in detail, what it does.

Don't worry, that is not my intention here... but it is necessary to understand in a basic way what each nutrient is good for to gain a better understanding in how you pick or mix your own nutrients. The following table does just that:

Potash The same as potassium. Used to help with the assimilation of energy resulting from photosysnthesis.
Nitrogen Needed for stem and leaf growth and used for other basic functions as well.
Phosphoric Acid Used in the development of flowers, fruits and plant roots.
Calcium Helps root growth and aids in the absorption of potassium.
Magnesium Helps spread phosphorus throughout a plant and is an essential part of chlorophyll.
Sulphur Increases a plant's sensitivity toward phosphorus letting it work more efficiently and used in the production of glucose.
Boron No one really knows what it does but it is needed in small quantities by plants.
Copper Essential part in chloropyll production.
Iron Also essential in chlorophyll production.
Manganese Helps a plant absorb nitrogen.
Molybdenum Helps plants use nitrogen.
Zinc Aids the essential functions of a plant.


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