Hydroponic systems using tilapia fish as a nutrient

by Bira Rabushka
(Goldens Bridge NY 10526)

I am about to build my own hydroponic system in my new 8x8 greenhouse. What is the set-up and process of using live fish to "feed " the plants? Can your nutrient system be combined with this system?

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Hydroponic systems using tilapia fish as a nutrient

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May 09, 2012
how to feed the fish without having to buy feed
by: fish4ever

u can grow alges in the tank if its a outdoor setup, but if its a indoor, then u need to get some plant growning lights enough for the side of the tank u have, and at first, u will need to get a bag or 2 from the store, but while u are there, ask someone that u need to grow alages in ur tank and ask them if they have any seeds or something u can just throw in the tank.., thats what i did in my plant tank, but i left the lights on 24x7 for a week then every other day for the next, then recycle, but also make sure u feed the plants alittle more food then u should so the plants will grow much faster then the would on a reg schedle...also make sure u have a good clay and gravel for the tank,and make srue its at lease 6 inches.. so the plants will have plenty of place to grow the roots... keep doing the cycle for 6 wks or as u see fit... it work great for me....as for teh clay in the tank, i would get some from the lily dealer.. they are great and layer then, gravel at teh bottom, 6 in of clay then 1 or 2 in of gravel.. less if u think its too much, like as said, i setup 200gal, 150, and 3 75 gal, plant tanks,and thats what i did and all tanks came out great

Apr 19, 2011
by: Larry

A complete aquaponics system is a little out of my realm. I would suggest looking at the Tilapia systems used in and around Isreal for plans.

With any aquaponics system make sure that any fish excrement is 'aged' to reduce the acidity and not hurt your plants.

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