Fine Tuning your Hydroponic System


Even though a hydroponic system is designed to grow large, healthy plants, if you do not keep in mind basic plant requirements your plants will not flourish. hydroponic system,greenhouse

There are 5 basic plant requirements; sunlight, adequate temperature, oxygen, water and nutrients and each type of system meets these needs in different ways.

Sunlight is the same for any system type; plants are grown in the sun or under artificial lights providing the right spectrum for growing and flowering and temperature must be somewhere from 40 to 115 fahrenheit (4 to 46 Celsius).

As for oxygen, it must be readily available to the plant leaves and it's roots. This means that an ebb/flow system must use a growing medium dense enough to anchor plants but 'airy' enough to drain nutrient solution and suck oxygen down to the roots as part of the draining process.

A container or passive system dangles plants roots in nutrient solution so the solution must be constantly aerated with an aquarium bubbler or the plants will eventually drown.

The other extreme, aeroponics, is a closed system keeping out available oxgen but the forced nutrient spray should provide enough oxygen while a closed NFT system made from PVC pipe needs some extra holes drilled down near the plants so the action of the running solution will suck air into the pipe.

Water should be of a neutral PH with no contaminants and nutrients can be processed hydroponic powder or liquid fertilizer or some organic mixture for an organic system.

Organic nutrients also help bacteria grow around root systems aiding plant processes but also using up available oxygen causing you to provide more aeration or flush your system with plain water more often to reduce bacterial levels.


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