Supplemental Hydroponic Equipment


The sheer amount of hydroponic equipment you can buy is staggering. Hydroponics supply shops offer a huge range of supplemental items for your garden. There are available separate nutrient mixes targeted to the budding phase of vegetables, the growing phase, for flowers, broadleaf plants or propagation including a vast number of organic nutrients. And let's not forget about growth supplements for rooting, budding or leaf growth. hydroponic equipment

For propagation you can buy mats, thermostats, sprayers, water warmers, stake labels, tray inserts and propagation domes. Also available are cloning gels and rooting powders. And you can get trays, pots, tubing, fittings, growing cubes, all kinds of growing medium and a huge selection of pumps, both submersible and dry.

For those with indoor systems there are flourescent light systems and metal halide, moveable light rail systems and reflectors. You can buy CO2 measuring devices, CO2 cartridges, monitors and fuzzy-logic controllers. Next are the fan systems, pest control larvae, PH test equipment, humidity indicators and scales.

Does this list make you as dizzy as it does me? Personally I try to avoid any kind of shopping and I try to keep my hydroponics systems simple and easily manageable. But when I do shop I plan beforehand what to buy and I do not get sidetracked. Simple hydroponics requires simple and non-expensive equipment.

I'm not saying these products are of no use, only that they are not something I would generally need. I already have enough equipment...But if you like shopping you may benefit from some of these supplemental products. Just browse the website of any online hydroponics store to see what is available...


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