Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to your Nutrient Water


Hydrogen peroxide is a caustic chemical. So initially, when you think about adding such a caustic chemical to your hydroponics nutrient water you may say 'Are you crazy? Of course not!' but it is not as bad as you may think and does have some beneficial effects... hydrogen peroxide, h2o2

At least that is what I read in some of the literature. It is said to kill bacteria, keeping it to a manageable level because too much bacteria around the roots of your plants is a bad thing...

Too much bacteria around the roots of your plants may use all the oxygen causing your plants to suffocate although this only happens in hydroponic systems that have never been cleaned.

If bacteria were to become a problem why would anyone add a caustic chemical to a plant as a remedy? Sure, all bacteria would be killed but your plant will ingest the chemical and any vegetables produced will taste slightly 'off' - not to mention the trace amount you will be ingesting when you eat the vegetable.

Chemically, H2O2 is very close to water except for an extra oxygen atom in an unstable arrangement but it is still a caustic substance. And if applied to a hydroponics garden it will also break down and lose that extra oxygen atom to form extra oxygen in the nutrient fluid that can be easily used by plants.

So is it benefical? Maybe but so is DDT as an insecticide but it is toxic. H2O2 will kill bacteria and add in small amounts of oxygen but what are the disadvantages to using H2O2? It is an unnecessary chemical and toxic in large amounts. Would I recommend using it or use it myself? No way!

If you want to keep root system bacteria in check then simply flush out and clean your system and if you are worried about oxygen levels then oxygenate your solution by splashing it or adding an air bubbler. If you still want to use it, stick with no more than a 3% solution but my recommendation is don't use it...


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