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Guano has been used for centuries in South America as a plant fertilizer for it is loaded with nitrogen and phosphorus. seagull,guano,effluent,manure,droppings,excrement It is an Incan meaning 'the excrement of seabirds' but is now used to describe the excrement of seals and bats as well.

And it has become big business. In fact a war was fought over its taxation in South America and it is becoming more and more important with each passing year because at current consumption levels, experts now predict the worlds resources of phosphorus used in commercial fertilizer to be depleted somewhere around 2036 leaving it as one of the few phosphorus fertilizers left.

So what exactly is it? It is the nutrient rich excrement of seabids such as the cormorant and pelican and is also gathered from seals and bats in South America.

It is collected from caves where it has not been broken down by sunlight and usually contains other organic materials such as bits of feathers or bones as well as benefical bacteria and fungi that act as a fungicide protecting plants against disease.

Typically it contains somewhere around 6% phosphorus, 9% nitrogen and 2% potassium (NPK rating of 9-6-2) which makes it one of the most nutrient rich fertilizers you could buy (of course NPK ratings can vary widely by species and diet).

Commercially it is processed, aged and ready for instant use as a supplement in a dirt garden, conventional hydroponics and organic hydroponics growing systems and is relatively cheap and readily available and is fast becoming a booming business.

For organic hydroponics, combine it with compost tea and seaweed extract for a complete fertilizer. I highly recommend it and suggest you give it a try.


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