Greenhouse Plans, Site Preparation


Greenhouse plans for a portable greenhouse are fairly easy to follow and provide an ideal solution to house an outdoor hydroponics growing system.

To start you need to select a site for your greenhouse; one that provides easy access, gets at least 4 to 6 hours of sun daily and is reasonably close to an electrical outlet (I am fortunate to have outdoor outlets available).

Since the greenhouse plans call for a greenhouse that is 18 feet by 14 feet, site selection may be limited so do the best that you can.

Once a site is selected, you need to mark out the 4 corners of the structure. Pound into the ground sticks or small posts marking the end of the structure (points 'a' and 'b' in the picture). These will be 14 feet apart. Now we need to determine where to place corners 'c' and 'd'. squaring the base of a structure

Remember the Pythagorean Theorem in grade school? If you don't, do not worry I'll explain it's practical use in a minute. We need this formula to determine where to put the remaining 2 corners in such a way that the site is completely 'square'.

It is worth taking the time to do this because a 'squared' structure will be able to take more added stress before collapsing than an 'unsquared' structure and a squared structure will accomodate the construction process much easier making the greenhouse plans 'flow' rather than frustrating you.

The theorem says that in a triangle with a 90 degree angle between the base and the side, the length of the hypotenuse can be determined with: Base (squared) + Side (squared) = Hypotenuse (squared). So what does this mean to us?

Let's try it...

The base is 18 feet so (18 x 18 = 324); the side is 14 feet so (14 x 14 = 196). (324 + 196 = 520). So the length of the greenhouse from point 'a' to point 'c' is the square root of 520 which is about 22.8 feet or 22 feet 9.5 inches.

To place corner 'c', we tie a string to corner 'a' and mark on it 22 feet 9.5 inches from corner 'a'. We also tie a string to corner 'b' and mark the 18 foot point along its length. Take both strings in hand and move around until the mark on each string meet and that is where corner 'c' is placed. Do the same to find corner 'd' using the 18 foot string tied to corner 'c' and the 22 foot 9.5 inch string to corner 'b'.

And 'that's all folks!'. This was probably the most complicated piece of the greenhouse construction process but it really isn't that bad. It probably took more time for me to type in the directions than it would take to do the process.


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