Oxygen and Hydroponics Garden Plants


A good supply of oxygen around roots of garden plants is critical for a healthy plant. Without oxygen garden plants will literally suffocate and die - or, if in a hydroponics system, drown. garden plants,healthy plants

In hydroponics plants, oxygen is supplied to a the plant root system in 2 main ways: by an aerated nutrient solution washing the roots of the plants and, for those systems using a growing medium, by suction created through the action of the nutrient solution draining down through the growing medium back to the nutrient container which sucks oxygen down to the root system.

So you can see that the least dense your growing medium is, the easier oxygen can reach your plant's roots.

What can rob oxygen from the root system? A high level of bacteria, for one. These are living organisms in your growing medium and on plant roots and use up a lot of oxygen. In extreme cases your plant can suffocate. Another cause of low oxgen would be stagnant nutrient water and a third cause can be extremely dense growing medium.

Keep these factors in mind when building and maintaining a hydroponics growing system. What do I do to keep an adequate supply of oxygen in my systems?

I have an aquarium bubbler in my nutrient solution running continuously to aerate the liquid, I use a medium-dense growing medium of pea stone (very small rocks), I splash the overflow during the 'flood' cycle of my ebb/flow system back into the nutrient container for aeration and I drain and flush the entire system with fresh water every 2 weeks to flush out oxygen robbing bacteria (anerobic bacteria) and to flush any accumulated mineral salts. Do these tasks and you should have healthy plants with no 'oxygen problems'.


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