Build an Alternative Garden Greenhouse


In my garden greenhouse I currently have 2 outdoor ebb/flow hydroponics systems, 2 mittleider grow boxes and 2 dirt grow boxes. Each year I assemble this greenhouse in spring and take it down in the fall (sometimes after first snow in the winter if I get lazy).

It serves my purposes and works just fine but I am thinking of a new design and approach to a greenhouse type structure (the greenhouse pictured here is not a greenhouse of mine). home greenhouse,garden greenhouse

Right now there are 2 possibilities with the first being a traditional square structure with peaked roof (still portable) made from PVC pipe and light wood. Only the roof would be covered with plastic and the sides would have netting on them.

This would solve the overheating problem greenhouses have, provide a roof to keep rainwater out of the ebb/flow systems, keep animals out and let pollinating insects in...

The second option is more appealing to me and would be a greenhouse tipi covered with plastic down to 3 feet off the ground which would be covered with netting. The top of the tipi would let in rain but that is really no problem as long as hydroponic systems are arranged around the perimeter of the tipi.

This would be the easiest to build only requiring a large number of 14 to 16 foot poles. I am still researching these options but when I do decide on a plan I am considering videotaping the construction and offering it to you on this website.

Or I could stick with my tried-and-true greenhouse construction of bending pvc pipes into a half circle, spacing them a couple feet apart and sinking the ends into the ground.


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