Garage hydroponics?

by Kym Inabinet
(Sault Ste. Marie, MI)

We live in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We have gone vegetarian and have immensely decreased our weight and increased our health.

We want to continue in this direction, but getting whole foods in the vitamin, protein and fruit areas in the winter means eating damaged tasteless things that have been shipped for long distances and are very expensive and can't contain the vitality of the fresh ones we have become used to this summer.

Do you think we could make our garage into a hydroponic greenhouse? It is presently heated and thought maybe we could put in large skylights or something. Lots of snow here where we live but this area also has a lot of sunlight. Anyone doing anything like this? It's this or moving to a warmer climate. Thanks Kym

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Garage hydroponics?

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Sep 25, 2012
Garage Hydroponics
by: Larry

Garage Hydroponics usually means building a grow room in your garage rather than fitting the garage with more windows.

Putting several windows into a garage would be very expensive and would dissipate more heat making winter heating very expensive.

My suggestion is to look into making a grow room in your garage. Load it up with artificial lighting for plants, put in input and output venting to dissipate excess heat and to provide fresh air and possibly run a water source to it.

I am assuming you have electricity in the garage.

The enclosed grow room would heat up on its own quite a bit without help so winter heating costs would be lower than heating a room in a house - as long as you keep the garage filled with plants.

You would still need some kind of heat source such as an electric or propane heater or even a small wood stove.

Check out this link for more info on Grow Rooms.

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