Ebb Flow 2011 Archive


This is an Ebb and Flow 2011 Archive page. It contains all questions concerning Ebb Flow Design I received in 2011.

Even though I have moved them to this page, all URL's and content are unchanged.

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I'm trying to build a hydroponics system for my agriculture class 
I'm trying to build a hydroponics system for my agriculture class. It has to be 20'' by 30''. I want a continuous flow system. Any suggestions??

container hydroponic farm 
Hello! I live in Florida and want to build a hydroponic farm inside of a shipping container. I know its possible but I'm stuck! Can you help me?

Ordering a hydroponic pump 
The website is very helpful. We would like to order a pump tomorrow. Two closed systems with submersable pumps. One is 16 cherry tomato plants with 16 …

Awesome site 
Your site is awesome and very informative. It has helped me pick and setup our hydro system we went with the ebb and flo design with 12 2 gallon buckets …

fish or foul 
If the waste from fish used in aquaponic is used immediately, why does all other waste need to be composted? I understand the fish waste is subject to …

Ebb and flo from seed 
Hi there I'm new to this and I want to set up an ebb and flo system for my tomateos. I'M currently growing them in hanging baskets and grow bags and the …

Im doing a report on hydroponics and plan to build an ebb and flow system as part of my presentation. What plants do you suggest that grow quickly??

water pump times 
i am building a Ebb/flow you show but dont know how meny times i should flood my system for the begining,middle and end and for how long each time i am …

how long and offen do you let the pump run 
how long does the pump run for and how long does it stay off for on s Ebb/flow


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