Drip Irrigation; an excellant way to garden hydroponically


I never hear too much about hydroponic drip irrigation even though it would be relatively easy to build and maintain. Drip emitters that attach to a garden hose are fairly common so parts can be found in most department stores or garden centers. irrigation system,drip irrigation

Such a drip irrigation system would still require some kind of growing medium in a growing container and a nutrient solution container with nutrient solution and pump. A long hose would be attached to the output of the pump and short tube lengths would be attached to the garden hose at various intervals each ending in a drip emitter resting at the base of a plant.

Water pumped into the hose is stopped at the drip emitters which come in various sizes. Each size is rated with it's GPH output or the amount of water it drips in gallons per hour. When the pump is on, nutrient water drips out of the emitter and around your plant.

The system is simple and parts are cheap and widely available. Traditional drip systems in dirt gardens use a hose attached to a faucet which can be attached to a timer.

Something like this could be adapted for hydroponics if you can figure out how to add into the system the hydroponic nutrient. I would recommend a nutrient solution container and a submersible pump attached to a timer.

Advantages? Parts are cheap and there is not many parts that can break down. The small pieces of drip tubing attached to the main hose are each fitted onto the barbed end of a plastic fitting that is pushed right through the main hose.

The drip emitter comes in 1, 2, 4, 5 GPH and has it's own barbed end to attach to the drip hose. It's all very easy. For a pump I would select a medium capacity submersible pump capable of pushing nutrient solution into the hose with a fair amount of force. Drip emitter ratings are set at 20 to 40 PSI so with a weaker pump the rated drip amount will be lower.

Disadvantages? Not many, in fact, only one possible problem: The drip emitter has a very small hole in which water drips from so nutrient solution will have to be well filtered or there will be clogs.

This can be solved easily by placing the pump in a small mesh bag. So, once again, drip hydroponics is quick, easy and kind to your wallet - give it a try...


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