Drip Hydroponics Systems


Drip Hydroponics systems feed plants by slowly dripping nutrient solution into the growing medium at the base of the plant.

The only real disadvantage of this system is a tendency for the drip heads to clog. This can be remedied by placing a filter over the intake to the water pump in the nutrient solution container.

This would be a good system for a home hobbiest to build. In fact I almost built one for my second hydroponics growing system. The design may sound complicated but it really is not: a small submersible pond pump would be placed in an 8 gallon container of nutrient solution.

This pump is attached to a long rubber hose with small 'feelers' extending from the side of the hose at different areas ending in a drip nozzle laying at the base of a plant in some kind of growing medium.

The pump may or may not be attached to a wall timer but when the nutrient solution is pumped through the hose it drips out at a rate determined by the size of the end drip nozzle.

Sound complicated? It's really not. Later I will show actual diagrams of different hydroponics systems and provide more information on what is needed. And trust me....once you build one you will be shocked at how simple a system it really is.

After all, if I can do it so can you....


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