The Cost of Electricity for your Grow Room


With the cost of electricity constantly rising we need to be concerned with grow room lighting.

cost of electricity,price of electricity Different lights require different amounts of electricity, so how do we determine beforehand what operating expenses will cost?

Fortunately you can calculate cost of electricity fairly easily. First find out what you are being charged per kilowatt. This should be on your electric bill.

This calculation is needed when you first setup a hydroponics garden; after all why spend the money on equipment and the time it takes to setup and maintain if the cost of HID lights, for instance, make it cheaper to simply buy produce than to grow it.

Let's say you pay $.08 per kilowatt per hour, your lighting system is 300 watts and you run your lights for 16 hours per day:

300 watts is .33 of a kilowatt so .08 x .33 = $.03 per hour x 16 hours = $.48 for 16 hours. .48 x 30 days = $14.40 per month to run the lights.

As you can see the calculation will give you a rough idea as to how much you will pay for lighting.

Now add in the electrical cost of extraneous equipment such as pumps, air bubblers and fans. True, these items only use small amounts of juice but all costs, no matter how small, do add up.

The price of electricity may actually force you reevaluate your system design. A suggestion is to design the grow room to be very efficient by building a compact hydroponic design to maximize produce.

Maybe you are growing lettuce, herbs or some kind of vegetable for your family and instead of building a 10 - 15 plant garden build a 50 plant garden and pack it all into the grow room. Sell the extras.

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