Build a container garden for the winter


I usually start thinking of making a container garden when the leaves are turning orange and starting to fall; when this year's greenhouse and hydroponic gardens have been disassembled and stored away until spring. container garden,container gardening

I am not planning on building an indoor system yet, at least not for another month. But I will make a container hydroponics garden or two.

These are very simple and very easy to maintain. My favorite setup is a small neck vase filled with nutrient solution and plugged with a wad of cotton in the neck through which I insert one plant allowing it's roots to dangle in the nutrient solution.

I also place an aquarium bubbler air stone in the solution attached to the small aquarium bubbler motor to supply oxygen. Place this near a window and you are all set!

Mainly I grow basil or parsely in these setups and use the leaves when I need them but you could really grow any small plant. Another type of container hydroponic garden can be in a small plastic tub.

Fill it with nutrient solution, add the aquarium air bubbler and put near a window. Lettuce can be grow in such systems by floating them on pieces of styrofoam or small wood floats. Changing the nutrient solution every two weeks is virtually all the maintenance required...

Another easy but effective container hydroponics garden is a 'wick' system where absorbent material buried in growing medium hangs down into nutrient solution transferring nutrient solution to plant roots via capillary action. The actual 'wick' can be made from a few mop strings twisted together or even a paper towel rolled up.


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