Coconut Coir

Coconut coir has many different uses. Not only is it a wonderful soil adjunct, it is a good hydroponic growth medium as well as a great bedding material for worm composters. And it has all the properties of a good propagation substrate for seedlings and plant cuttings.

Coir will not saturate with water; once it reaches it limit in retaining water all additional water water is drained off. To use it, soak it in water for 15 minutes.

Coconut coir is a sustainable, renewable resource that is free of bacterial and fungal spores, it lasts three times as long as peat moss and is a natural by-product of coconut harvesting. It is also readily available. Its advantages are:

  • it replaces rockwool and other growing mediums,
  • compressed bricks are easy to handle and store,
  • it is disease resistant,
  • has excellent air space and water holding capacity,
  • it is of a neutral pH ande
  • coir holds 7 times its weight in water.

When water is added to coir it expands; the 5 kg (11 pounds) brick sold below expands to 20 gallons in volume, the 650 gram (1.4 pounds) brick to 2.5 gallons in volume and the 250 gram (.5 pounds) brick to 1 gallon.

I highly recommend it for your hydroponics system.

Please review the Terms and Conditions link is at the bottom of the page for shipping and handling information as well as return policy.

Thank you!

5 kg Brick

Product Code: Coir-5kg-1

Price: 15.99 + shipping

650 gram coir - 40 bricks

Product Code: Coir-650-40

Price: 99.95 + shipping

650 grams - 10 bricks

Product Code: Coir-650g-10

Price: 39.95 + shipping

650 grams - 5 bricks

Product Code: Coir-650g-5

Price: 19.95 + shipping

650 grams - 1 brick

Product Code: Coir-650g-1

Price: 2.99 + shipping

250 grams - 90 bricks

Product Code: Coir-250g-90

Price: 109.99 + shipping

250 grams - 20 bricks

Product Code: Coir-250g-20

Price: 39.99 + shipping

250 grams - 10 bricks

Product Code: Coir-250g-10

Price: 16.95 + shipping

250 grams - 1 brick

Product Code: Coir-250g-1

Price: 1.99 + shipping

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