Aquaculture and Aquaponics


Aquaculture is the commercial farming of marine life for consumption where large 'fish farms' raise carp, clams, tilapia and other marine organisms to sell for food.

aquaculture Currently, China is, by far, the largest aquaculture producer followed by Japan and India and demand is only increasing...

It is estimated that these 'fish farms' will provide 50% of the world's food by 2025...

So what does that have to do with aquaponics?

Since aquaponics is the creation of a balanced environment where fish can flourish along with hydroponic plants that feed off the nutrients in the fish waste it stands to reason that large aquafarms could easily add hydroponic vegetables to their systems thus raising more food.

And this is exactly what may happen...

However, for the home hobbyist interested in adding hydroponics to their fish aquarium to create a small aquaponic system... I doubt this would work.

Letting accumulated fish waste decompose to provide plant nutrient would not be a good idea because the aquarium would have to get extremely 'dirty' from accumulated decaying fish waste to provide enough nutrients for growing plants.

And if you kept the aquarium clean but manually added nutrient the environment would quickly become toxic to the fish and damage them.

You may be asking, 'then why do we see water lillys and such water plants thriving in small aquariums along with fish?'

Water lillys and other lake and pond plants have adapted themselves over thousands of years to live on trace amounts of nutrient. They can thrive on such small amounts of nutrient that would kill other hydroponic plants.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that home aquaponic systems will have limited if any success because they are small. But large aquaponic systems could easily be used to grow hydroponic plants because their sheer size would allow plants as well as fish to thrive.

If anyone has more information on this topic please let me know via the Hydroponics FAQ page... I would love to hear it!


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