Aphid Infestation...Gone!

by Larry, Webmaster



The aphid infestation on this year's hydroponics garden is gone...

Let me back up a little. This year I put a small ebb/flow garden on my back deck containing 4 pepper plants, 3 basil, 2 parsley and 2 cucumber plants.

When the new leaves of my peppers began to turn black, I noticed the leaves having black splotches and felt waxy to the touch. As I looked closer I saw tiny little green bugs...APHIDS, crawling all over my 4 pepper plants.

Immediately I made up a spray containing a squirt of dish soap, a splash of bleach, some peppermint tea, some rosemary oil and some cayenne pepper.

I sprayed these all over the peppers and the aphids disappeared for a few hours then reappeared. I sprayed again and they disappeared for 24 hours. I sprayed twice more at 24 hour intervals and they are staying away.

So this spray is effective....

And, the spray did not seem to hurt the plants even though it was applied so often (once a week is the recommended spraying).

Of course the aphids may still come back...but I'm ready for them.

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