Algae water from hydroponic nutrient water


Algae water? In hydroponics? What do you do when your hydroponic nutrient water turns green, black or brown overnight? Trust me, it will happen to you someday and it can be rather shocking. algae,green algae

Fortunately, as surprising as it is, it is nothing to really worry about as long as you take care of this nuisance quickly. It is merely algae in rather large densities.

Algae are simple plant organisms that turn light energy into sugars - they are harmless to you and your plants and the only non-toxic way to rid yourself of an algae infestation is to change your nutrient water and flush your system.

There are chemical deterents for sale that will prevent the growth of algae but why introduce an unnecessay toxic substance to your plants? Algae will turn nutrient water into a somewhat thick syrup consistency but will not directly harm your plants although it could clog your system.

Harmless to plants, yes. But, being a living organism, algae will use oxygen and could very well deplete your nutrient water of available oxygen if left to multiply. As algae grows, dies and then decomposes the growth of undesirable anerobic bacteria is encouraged not to mention that algae attracts certain insect predators such as fungus gnats and flies.

Depleted oxygen levels along with the increase of anerobic bacteria could lead to an infection such as root rot or dropping off.

So as pretty as algae may appear, get rid of it quickly.

Also, if you look very closely at the picture of my hydroponics system on my homepage you will see that my nutrient solution was green. Yes, I had an algae attack when that picture was taken...

Shortly after that picture I substituted the clear nutrient container for an opaque one filtering out any sunlight from reaching the nutrient solution thus discouraging the further growth of any algae. And I have not had a problem since then.


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