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Aeroponics is a hydroponics method to grow plants by forced air compression of nutrient water onto the root system. This is an extremely fancy way of saying that hydroponic nutrient solution is periodically sprayed as a mist onto a plants roots providing the plant with water and nutrient. aeroponics hydroponics Homemade aerogarden growing systems are not very easy to construct. A basic requirement of design would be a closed area around the roots so the mist does not dry out between mistings.

Periodic mistings also imply the need for a water pump, timer and forced spray mister device.


  • The system is vulnerable to a power outage. Exposed roots will rapidly dry out and kill the plant.
  • Mister spray heads may also have a tendency to clog and not produce mist when needed.
  • Once a plant grows it will require some complex support mechanism because there is no growth medium to counterbalance and anchor the plant.

Not the most user-friendly method for the home hobbyist - but that is solely my opinion. Hydroponic supply sites do sell parts to construct an actual aeroponic unit. If you experiment with this method I would suggest purchasing a pre-made unit.

I have never really experimented with this design and with so many other, easier designs to choose from I probably never will. But if anyone reading this has such a system let me know your feelings about it.


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