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Yes, another aeroponic article. In a previous dicussion on aeroponics I mentioned that it was 'not the most user friendly system available' and that a 'pre-made system might be best'. aeroponic systems, aeroponics

After more experience and research, I was, to put it bluntly, wrong... Building an aeroponics system is no more complex than any other system and has definite weight advantages also (less usable nutrient solution and no growing medium). In fact I may build such a system myself and post my plans for it.

What I am thinking of is a plastic clothes storage container for the nutrient solution and another with top for the growing container, much like that used in an ebb/flow design.

Include a submersible pump, tubing and a simple mister that can be purchased just about anywhere and designed to turn on at preset intervals and spray you down in the hot weather to cool you off. How perfect is this?

Of course you will have to devise some method of plant support and you will be relying very heavily on an uninterrupted electrical source. Even with a short power outage, exposed roots will dry out really quickly and hurt your plant.

Simply add nutrient solution, sink the pump, connect the mister and place the mister in the growing container, snap on the top and drill holes through the top to insert plants. Then plug the whole thing into a timer...

And with a timer, only a simple mister is needed - not one that turns itself on and off automatically. Just keep the nutrient solution well filtered (no chunks) or you may get clogged mister heads.


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