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I'm Larry, the Webmaster, of this site. I live in the USA specifically in northeastern Connecticut and was born and raised here (I'm 58 years old).

I am second generation Finnish with some Norwegian and Irish. I used to joke about the fact that my ancestors were herding reindeer for the past 10,000 years until mitochondrial DNA testing pointed straight to the Lapland Sammi's in northern Scandinavia (we know them as Samoyed Eskimos). Now the joke's on me - my ancestors were quite literally herding those reindeer... Seriously though, I am very proud of my heritage.

Currently I'm a service coordinator in a specialized program helping mentally ill individuals become independent and I'm also grinding through a counseling internship as well as finishing up a counseling certification.

I used to be a Computer Programmer Consultant until NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) helped replace me by cheaper imported workers. I have quite a bit of education under my belt but I am also underskilled - theoretical knowledge will not feed a family the same way a solid trade skill can.

In my working life I have also been a Special Education teacher and Real Estate Salesperson (I failed miserably at this because I am no salesman). And I've also been trained in Residential Appraising. Now I'm a Webmaster, the author of a site about hydroponics, a passion of mine.

Larry and Karen This is a picture of my wife, Karen, and I in a friend's sailboat on Long Island Sound and was taken shortly after returning from living in Corrales, New Mexico for a couple years. I really liked New Mexico and hope to go back there to live sometime in the future, but we will see...

I started growing plants hydroponically several years ago for a variety of reasons mostly involving farm work from an early age on. The following link is my story and it involves bird attacks, natural disasters, lots and lots of cow manure and a rather strange individual named Hilding all of which explain how I got into hydroponics.

my hydroponics system Here is a picture of me in my portable, homemade greenhouse tending plants in a hydroponics system.

In my opinion, hydroponics is the way to go for a high yield garden. It is portable, flexible and you have complete control over your growing environment. It can also be set up during the winter months guaranteeing fresh herbs and vegetables year round. I hope you enjoy this site and I would appreciate any kind of feedback.

About this Website

I have always wanted my own website but lacked the knowledge to do it. I may be a computer programmer but I know nothing about web design or programming - my specialty is mainframe work. That is until I found Site Build It. I cannot recommend or praise this product enough.

Building a website completely on my own would have been impossible. Even if I managed to get past the design and writing stage by reading books and learning HTML I would not have known about structuring pages by keywords or how to track the success of the work I had done.

sitesell site build it

Site Build It provides volumes of tutorials and overwhelming support helping you build a website properly. You are still responsible for picking a topic, structuring it and writing but you are taught how to do it... not to mention all the tools at your complete disposal such as HTML block builders, link exchange programs, auto mailback responders, website traffic analysis, keyword analysis and ratings, form builder modules, spider reports, RSS feed modules and tutorials on monetization which includes affiliate programs and integrating Google AdSense.

And we can't forget about traffic building tutorials such as specialty hubs, 2nd tier directories or Search Engine indexing...

Sound complicated? It is, and this is only a very short list of what Site Build It provides you. Site Build IT teaches you everything you need to know and automatically submits your pages to the major search engines. I cannot praise them enough...

If you are even remotely interested in building your own website I suggest you check out Site Build It - just click on the 'Site Build It' graphic for more information.

And for those of you who will contact me and ask if this is really what I think....or is it just a salespitch? Both really, except that I monetize by other methods than by selling Site Build It - I'm just passing on my opinion of Site Build It which, so far, has not changed since 2006 when I first purchased it.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy my site.

If you like this website, consider downloading this free toolbar for your browser.

Previously I featured a conduit toolbar with radio for download but replaced it with the Alexa toolbar featuring website anaysis tools along with real-time related links to facilitate searching. Alexa is owned by Amazon and will not embed spyware into their toolbar. It's safe and it's free!


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