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I did not have any kind of Hydroponic FAQ when I was building my first hydroponic system. And I did not have a clue what I was doing. I realized quickly I was 'over my head' so I decided to buy a prebuilt system which featured a semi-submersible pump.

This meant that the bottom half of the pump had to be submerged while the top half had to be dry. This also meant that sooner or later the pump would fall over into the nutrient solution destroying the pump and maybe electrocuting me in the process.

Well...this actually happened.

The pump accidentally fell into the nutrient liquid while plugged in and destroyed itself in an impressive display of sparks. Fortunately I was not hurt but I was out a pump and a fuse (and I learned that semi-submersible pumps were worthless). But having more stubbornness than smarts I persevered and finally got it right...


(By the way, this is not a picture of my greenhouse - I should be so lucky)

Now I'm in the position where I can actually help others succeed with their hydroponic system rather painlessly. And since I'm mailed so many questions about hydroponics in general I decided to create a Hydroponic FAQ page so people can find answers quickly and easily.

Questions or comments can be mailed to me via the Hydroponic FAQ form below and I'll post the question as well as the answer. The best part of this is it's interactive nature where others can also respond to questions and comments.

Click on this link for the 2009 Archived Hydroponics FAQ

Click on this link for the 2010 Archived Hydroponics FAQ

Click on this link for the 2011 Archived Hydroponics FAQ

Below the following list of hydroponics questions and answers you'll find the simple form where you can post your questions and/or answers.

So, let's begin!

My Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can your systems be imported and utilised in the UK? We're on a different power supply to yourselves?

Answer: Yes, my systems can be used anywhere in the world. In fact the UK has more hydroponics equipment than the US and since the basics of most of my systems is a pump that is all you need matched to your power supply. Even if you obtain a pump made for US voltage I'm sure there are adapters which could probably be found in places catering to business traveling. You could even ask an online hydroponics store for pumps that work with UK power... So get the proper pump and you should be all set.

Question: Your "plans" link to the PVC greenhouse seems to be a dead link. Any other path to the plans??

Answer I noticed that and could not find a new link which is really too bad. For now I took it out but I have detailed instructions from that site so if I manage to contact the owners somehow and get permission I will put them in my site. Thanks for the info...

Question: I like the ebb and flow system and am thinking of building one. I have a question. Is it a good idea to buy seedlings from the garden centre and then wash all the dirt off the roots and plant them in an hydro system?

Answer: Yes it is. Buying them and washing the dirt off is faster and easier than germinating the seedling yourself.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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root vegetables 
how do you grow root vegetables, potatoes, carrots and such, hydroponically

How to build mini chinampas in the classroom? 
Hi,I am a 6th grade teacher in Iowa and we are studying the Aztecs. I would love for my students to create their own chinampa, whether it be as a class …

Garage hydroponics? 
We live in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We have gone vegetarian and have immensely decreased our weight and increased our health. We want to …

Can I re-use hydroton clay balls each year? 
I grow a couple of cherry tomatoes in a passive hanging basket system, and use coconut coir and hydroton kiln dried clay balls as my medium. It works well, …


In a four inch pvc pipe, how much water is needed in the pipe in inches? 
In a four inch pvc pipe how much water should you allow in inches?

Who is the "author" of this website? 
Hello. We'd like to ask who's the main author of this website because we need it for our Research. Thank you so much in advance :))

Question for using FloraKleen  
I read you bi-monthly maintenance information and want to thank you for it. It has given me a good idea on what to do for my hydro top drip system. …

Cottage style greenhouse with polycarbonate sides/roof 
I live in northern Mississippi and grow a variety of vegetables during the spring, summer, and fall; all organic. We eat our vegetables during these growing …

Sterilizing & Washing Pea gravel media 
I have read that the pea gravel media should be sanitized with bleach or hydrogen peroxide prior to its first use. Can you give me any guidance on …

Type of Hydropnic system 
I'M LKING FOR A "A Frame" shaped unit.

Stabilizing in Ebb & Flo with medium 
I am finally going to try Hydroponics! You mentioned that even with growing medium that plants (tomatoes, cukes etc.) should be supported. Do you have …

root problems 
i have a hydro that has a 5 gallon bucket, with four net cups on the top containing my plants and the growing medium,, the plants are like two weeks …

Miracle Grow and Hydroplhonic fertilizer 
Can you use Miracle Grow as a hydrophronic fertilizer mix? If so how do you mix it for a hydrophonic drip system. The tank holds 20 gallons of liquid. …

passive hydroponics 
i was thinking of using crystals that swell when water is added and was wondered if this would be a suitable medium for my system? i know of science prodjects …

Newbee starter 
How do you start if you are totally new and have no previous hydro. experience.

question about water pumps in hydroponic systems 
i have a hydroponic system this time i am using soil in pots i have a water pump drip and a timmer ive set the timmer for lights but how long do i set …

i have a shallow water culture setup. my roots are wet but plants are dry. whats wrong please help

Unknown pest 
I have a critter in my hydroponic garden that I haven't been able to identify or irradicate. My growbeds have expanded shale as the medium and it has …

Leaves are wilting & growth is slow 
Hi, I'm new to hydroponics and had a question. I'm using a flood & drain system watering once a day for 30min, I'm also using "Sure to Grow" as my medium. …

What Kind of Nutrient Solution I Should Use ? 
I am a beginner in Hydroponics. I wish to build a small hydroponics sytem in my balcony (limited space). Please give me advice which system I should use …

best liquids for seed germination 
which are the liquids other than water that can be used to germinate seeds using hydroponics?

I love your site lots of information. I have a question about air and waterpumps.Do the air pumps come in different flow ratios as water pumps do? I did …

fertilizer Not rated yet
Im in the process of starting a hydroponic garden outdoors. What fertilizer can I use if im growing different vegtables with one system?

Click here to write your own.

When move cubes from el.propagator to amazon system Not rated yet
Hello:)I have started 5 seeds in rot it cubes.And i wonder when i should move them to my new amazon system. I have read that they should be "root bound" …

Newbie Question About Indoor Greenhouse Humidity Control Not rated yet
Just thinking about starting up a hobby sized indoor hydroponic garden. I've been thinking about climate control and as I have just moved to the West …

Ebb & Flow system for my aquaponic system Not rated yet
I set up an Ebb & Flow system and my problem is my drainage. My tray only drains to the level of my overflow valve which is around three inches high. …

can I use cut up cork in place of the clay pebbles to make wine grow bottles? Not rated yet
I am making wine grow bottles and I was wondering if I could cut up the cork to mix with the vermiculite in place of the clay pebbles?

Hydroponic Cloning Not rated yet
Which type of heater is best for a hydroponic cloner. I have a 6 gallon cloner would a matt heater or a digital heater work best.

gereenhouse Not rated yet
looking for teck to set up ventalation and co2 system for 500sq ft hyro greenhouse

grants Not rated yet
are there grants available to start


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