Hydroponic FAQ 2011 Archive


This is a Hydroponic FAQ 2011 Archive page. It contains all questions concerning hydroponics I received in 2011.

Even though I have moved them to this page, all URL's and content are unchanged.

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Water for reservoir 
1) My water is quite hard and it has some iron in it, too. Is it ok to use my water, but then use the "General Hydroponics FloraMicro for hardwater," …

Can hydroponic system be built in cement-concrete structure? 
Can I build hydroponic structure in cement-concrete?

Growing Hydroponics 
How long did it take you to grow your hydroponic? Do you have a gerneral timeline of this?

Seeds or plants 
I have to build a Waterflow Hydroponics System for my Biology class. I was wondering in order to build it do I need an actual grown plant or can I start …

Are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers compatible in same hydroponic system and using same nutrient for all??

Drip System 
Hi I love your site. I am working on a system of my own and I have some specific questions. I am making a drip system which has about a 5' lift of solution …

Hydroponic System Plans 
would you please send me details of your system.

optimum photosynthesis photon density flux for different plants 
I would like to know the optimum photosynthesis photon density flux for different plants. For example for Tomatos. the most important thing for photosynthesis …

Container System 
Hello "Hydroponics at home" ! I am beginner ....I want to try your bucket idea ...I have plastic buckets ...wherecan I purchase plastic spigots ..Thank …

Wants to Learn 
I was wondering if you had any info on indoor gardening. My apartment has a second bedroom which i am not using. I thought, due to the almost year round …

Growing Rice 
Your article on growing rice is intresting. Is there any report or publication of having grown rice using Hydroponics. Next wanted to ask you what is …

Drip Systems 
I am from Texas but I am currently in a small village in the Indian desert working for sustainability with an NGO.

I am looking at starting a greenhouse …

Hydroponic Nutrient 
Enjoy your site and articles you have written. Would you share the vegetable nutrient you use. I could not make out the label. Thanks for your time. …

I like the container design. I am from a tropical

island and we have coconut husks and cinder or gravel in abundance here. Do you think this would be …

Growing Medium 
I visited your website recently. It is very rich and useful. I have been testing different hydroponic systems for a while. Recently wanted to use "organic" …

An easier way... 
Why bother with this labor intensive way of hydroponics? Why not just use a CWC system...a 5gal bucket, 3 or 4-3" net pots

filled with grow medium, fill …

Color bulbs to grow? 
I want to grow one plant indoors. What wattage

should I be looking for.

And what color bulbs should I be looking for.

Which type of nutrients will we need?

What is styrofoam?

Can thermocol sheet is suitable for hydroponics, as it floats on water?

led lights 
do you know what is the best wave length and the ratio of reds to blues and orange for the grow cycle and the flowering cycle??

and also how many watt …

Need help! 
Need help.


Started 1st week …

Do plants grow taller hydroponically or in soil??

growing vegetables on the side wall of the house 
A few years ago I stumbled on a site where a gentleman in Australia had set up a system of what appeared to be rain gutters attached to the wall on the …

Tropical Plant leaves turning a light color 
I put my tropical plants outside and the leaves turned light color in the leaves What should I do? Is there too much sun on them? I put some mircle grow …

I have a system that has a 55 gallon plastic drum and a flow control unit with 2 submersible pumps. The buckets are 2 gallon buckets and I use a combination …

Can I transfer from hydroponic to dirt? 
I have a hydroponic plant. I want to put it back into dirt. Is that possible?

Container with the bottom attached to a hose. 
I saw the picture where you have a 5 gal. bucket that has a hose (and shut-off valve?) attached to the bottom of it. I have the bucket...I just want to …

choosing a submersible pump when dealing with considerable dynamic head 
hi--quick background: i'm trying to devise a DIY system for my condo balcony. i want to do a vertical veggie garden in a 'wally-pocket' type setup, going …

i just want to build a system to grow two plants at a time no more i nee to know what i need to set this up to grow in my bed room 
how and what i need to set up and grow two plants at a time in my bed room can u help i want it simple and get all my stuff needed from lowes thanks richard …

Questions on the usage of raw river water etc. 
I am a design student who is fond of design possibilities of hydroponic farming and how to make it more inviting, accessible and easier for people to start …

Hydroponic systems using tilapia fish as a nutrient 
I am about to build my own hydroponic system in my new 8x8 greenhouse. What is the set-up and process of using live fish to "feed " the plants? Can your …


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