Hydroponic FAQ 2010 Archive


This is a Hydroponic FAQ 2010 Archive page. It contains all questions concerning hydroponics I received in 2010.

Even though I have moved them to this page, all URL's and content are unchanged.

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LED grow lights  
I read with great interest the information regarding LED grow lights. I'm not sure when that information was posted and I'd like to learn what the current …

How do I transplant from hydroponic to dirt?

Grow Cubes 
I have seeds that have germinated in grow cubes and they have opened and are up with a few tiny leaves. Am I suppose to remove the seedling from the …

where to buy ingredients for nutrient solution 
where is a good place to buy ingredients for nutrient solution?

Growing Long white Rice hydroponically 
I have a friend, a refugee from afghanistan who wishes to try growing rice hydroponically and due to language skills has asked me to assist in this effort. …

dying "birds nests" evergreen shrubs 
My birds nest evergreen shrubs have brown needles. What insect has invaded these shrubs?

Can i water using a bucket full of mixture directly over the top,as if i was watering a potted plant outside. In other words no resivor,just a pot with …

how do i build a small hydrophonic system 
I barely have a garden. I need to build at least a 1 meter x 1 meter system to plant herbs, lettuce etc. how do i go about it?

How do you make your own hydroponic liquid? 
hello im from Zambia and i need to do this science fair project. my question is do flowers grow faster hydroponically grown or with soil? except there …

feeding schedule 
If feeding of the plants is a dual action process, the pots fill bringing nuitrients into the pots, and as the solution recedes oxygen is pulled into the …

A Question on Fertilizer 
First of all thanks for doing such a wonderful job, your information can really help others who can't afford to buy such systems (which can be expensive). …

Hydro Jars? 
When growing a plant in a clear glass jar hydroponically, does the glass jar need to be covered by something to keep the light from reaching the roots …

grodan grow cubes 
how often should I water with ebb and flow with grodan grow cubes, Thanks

Where to buy styrofoam stackable planters 
What company sells the hydroponic styrofoam stackable containers?

hydroponic tomatoes 
I raised some Roma tomatoes from seed, when they were 3" tall I washed the dirt away & placed them in my Hydroponic set up. Last year I grew the same type …


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